Charges for using the hall

Whilst we have managed to hold the costs relating to the hire of hall for many years, we regret that in light of increased energy costs we are now going to have to increase our charges.  With effect from 1st January 2023 these will be:

£ 12.00 / hr ... Charities / Not for Profit / local clubs
£ 18.00 / hr ... Non Commercial Private Hire - eg Birthday parties, wakes etc  (excluding Weddings - see below)
£ 24.00 / hr ... Trade/private hires/classes that charge an entry fee (eg bands, pay per session classes, fund raisers for non-charity events)

For concessionary and special regular user rates (typically for 12 hirings a year, or more) or events benefiting the community, please contact the booking secretary.


For these, the 'day rate' is charged as 15 hours and the charge period is 9:00 am to midnight. 

Example: A private party on a Saturday night wanting to set up from 4:00 pm on Saturday and clear up on Sunday morning, vacating by 11:00 am. This would be charged as 8 hours on Saturday (4:00 pm to midnight) and 2 hrs on Sunday (9:00 am to 11:00 am). Total 10 hours @ £18 = £180. (plus Supplements for kitchen and crockery - see below).

WEDDINGS - will be charged at a fixed 'Wedding weekend' fee of £540, which hires the Hall from Friday 2:00 pm through to Sunday 1:00 pm.
(Supplements will apply for use of kitchens and hire of crockery, if required) 


Supplements for use of kitchens

  • £ 48.00 ... Use of Main Kitchen for cooking
  • £ 24.00 ... Use of Main Kitchen for serving teas / coffees / food prepared off site
  • £ 20.00 ... Use of Bar for serving alcohol and food

Supplements for use of matching crockery

  • £ 20.00 ... up to 50 place settings
  • £ 50.00 ... more than 50 place settings

Supplement for using the stage

  • No charge ... for use of the fixed stage
  • £45.00 / £60.00 ... local NFP charge for using extension of the main stage/ all others
  • £25.00 / £45.00 ... local NFP charge for using separate 60cm high stage / all others
  • £20.00 ... using steps and banisters to 90cm stage and extension
Inside the hall