Capacity, Layout, Licences, Facilities etc

Capacity: The Hall's capacity depends on the layout and purpose:

  • 260 standing
  • 180 seated in rows with fastened chairs (in sets of 4-8), theatre style, for a stage performance.
  • 150 seated in rows with fastened chairs (in sets of 4-8), theatre style, for a film show.
  • 120 seated informally at loose tables, cabaret style.
  • 100 seated formally at tables for a dinner.

Layout: See the Floor Plan.

Licences: The Hall has the following

  • an Entertainments Licence from West Devon Borough Council which licenses the Hall for 'regulated' entertainment (i.e. music, theatre, dancing, film*) and also for the serving of alcohol under the authority of the designated Premises Supervisor**.
  • a Performing Rights Society (PRS) licence which permits performers to perform copyrighted music in public.

The Hall does not have a Phonographic Performance Licence (PPL) to permit the playing of recorded music to the public. Visiting discos etc must be responsible for their own PPL.

* If you are showing a commercially-made film or DVD then you also need a licence from the distributor to show the film in public. This typically costs around £80.

** The designated Premises Supervisor for serving alcohol is Graham Flight. If you wish to have a bar at your event, you MUST discuss this with Graham. He will then either agree to run the bar for you, or in certain circumstances, he may authorise you to run the bar yourself under his personal licence. Please contact Graham by phone on 07970. 857471.