Questions frequently asked by event planners

What is the minimum preparation I should do?

1.  You, or someone you appoint, will be regarded as the Temporary Responsible Person on the day. This means you will be expected to know

  • The evacuation procedure and the emergency plan for the Temporary Responsible Person (given on a separate page)
  • Where to find the first aid box, and fire fighting equipment
  • The points we make in our "what do I need to do on the day" section below.

2.  You will need to set out the Hall as you want for the event, bearing in mind the conditions for use, and you may need to arrange some help with this. Please ensure that any equipment you bring in to the Hall meets all relevant safety standards.

3.   You should read and understand the conditions and terms of the hiring arrangement.

What if I want to do my own catering for a meal?

You are welcome to use the main kitchen, which has a large commercial gas cooker (instructions available in kitchen) as well as a smaller electric domestic one . We expect you to follow the hygiene guidelines given in the notices on the wall, and to have at least one appropriately certified member in your group.

90 covers of non-matching crockery and cutlery are available in the hall.  If you require matching china, cutlery and glasses (up to 120 covers) these can be hired directly from Jubilee Hall. Please contact Bookings Secretary for information.

If you are thinking of decorations for the table, please remember that personal decorations are restricted to flowers and balloons. We cannot allow candles - only night lights if they are in approved glass holders.

Please note that the Jubilee Hall does not supply:  Kitchen knives, scissors, chopping boards, food preparation machines i.e. food processors/mixers, tea towels, or hand towels.

If you are catering for a large event and notice that the supply of hot water from the taps is failing, there is an immersion heater boost switch on the wall to the right of the door from the kitchen into the lobby.  This will turn on the immersion heater for a set period of time and then automatically switch off.

There is an excellent 'fast cycle' dishwasher in the main kitchen with baskets for plates and glasses.  Please follow the instructions carefully and ensure that you drain out the machine when you are finished.

What if I want to sell alcohol?

If you want to have a bar and serve alcohol at your event you MUST let us know on your booking form.  Please visit the 'Alcohol Licencing' section of the website for more information on what you need to do.

What if I am putting on a musical concert, or a theatrical performance with an audience?

You will need to set out the chairs making sure that there is an adequate gangway down the middle of the seating area and at each side (at least one yard ie the width of two chairs), and put the chairs away afterwards. You'll need help with this.

Should you need more than 112 chairs, additional seating is available. please contact the Booking Secretary for more details.

Music must be finished by 12 midnight.

Any scenery you use should be fireproof.

If you plan to use a smoke machine, please contact the Booking Secretary regarding the settings of the Fire Alarm system.

What if I am putting on a dance, with music?

You will need to ensure that the music and dancing finishes by midnight.

If you have a DJ style presentation, we recommend that you arrange public liability insurance

Any equipment used (as mentioned above) must be PAT tested if appropriate

What do I need to do on the day itself?

You are responsible for the behaviour of people who attend the event, either as helpers or as guests. That includes ensuring that

  • there is no smoking in the hall and no use of illegal drugs on the site
  • no-one parks outside the hall during the event (cars may drive up to deliver equipment or set down/pick up disabled persons)
  • no animals are allowed in the hall except assistance dogs, on a lead and under control
  • no shoes are allowed that might damage the floor (eg nailed boots, or stilettos)
  • guests do not make too much noise when they arrive or leave, especially late in the evening
  • no notices or decorations are fixed to any wall or door (and certainly that no blu-tak or sellotape is used).

If there is a sit down audience, please make sure that an announcement is made of the safety evacuation procedures.

What are my responsibilities at the end of the event?

You are responsible for leaving the Hall clean and tidy, ready for the next user (brooms, mops, etc can be found under the stage).

  • All tables should be wiped clean after use and stacked in the recesses either side of the entrance
  • Chairs should be returned to the trolleys or placed neatly in or near the recesses.  Please ensure that the 2 sets of chairs (black and gold framed) are returned onto their respective trolleys with the seats facing the correct way
  • Lights, taps and all other equipment (especially the immersion heater) should be switched off  - main lighting switches are in the corridor to the right of the stage
  • We do not have facilities for food waste, so all food waste and recyclable items MUST be taken away.  Glass and paper can be recycled in the containers in the public car park.
  • All other waste should be put in black plastic bags in the wheelie bins outside the kitchen.  There are further instructions by the kitchen bin.

Please ensure that guests leave quietly, respecting our neighbours.

Report any failure of equipment, and any accidents (including any damage to the Hall) via

Please ensure that the doors are all locked properly when you leave.