How to Book

  • Prior to making a booking please ensure that you have read our Terms and Conditions for hiring the hall
  • Log in to your account if you set one up after a previous booking. Your details will then be automatically filled in on the booking form
  • If you do not already have an account look at the booking calendar to see whether the date and time you want is free. Also check the Chagford Parish Calendar for any 'clashing' events
  • Once you have chosen the date, click the relevant day on the calendar to go to the 'Day view' calendar for that day.
  • If any other events are booked for that day, the day view calendar shows them blocked out in green and you won't be able to make a booking during those times.
  • If the times you want are available, click the box corresponding to your desired start time (eg 12:00 to 12:30 for a 12pm start time).
  • You will then be asked to click on an end time (eg 14:30 to 15:00 to book until 3pm).
  • You will then be taken to the booking form where these dates and times are already filled in. complete the rest of the form and click the Submit button.
  • You will be returned to the calendar where you should see your chosen date marked as a Provisional Booking.
  • You will then be contacted by the Booking Secretary with details of how payment can be made.
  • ANY PROBLEMS... Contact our Booking Secretary, by e-mailing . Please supply your telephone number in the email, should you wish to discuss your booking.
  • You MUST let us know on your booking form if you wish to serve alcohol at your event.  Click here to visit the section of the website relating to Alcohol Licencing.