Alcohol Licencing.

You must let us know on the booking form if you wish to serve alcohol at your event.

We have a Designated Premises Supervisor (DPS) for the supply of alcohol who is Andy Kent: mobile: 07704 488877 or email: and he will discuss your requirements with you. Provided that the arrangements are satisfactory, the DPS will then either agree to run the bar for you, or appoint others to do so for you on commercial terms that must be agreed with you. He normally appoints Simon Johnson (07956 803045) and Anne Cleminson (07943 555212) from the Bottle Shop ( in Moretonhamsptead to run the bar.  In certain circumstances, the DPS may authorise you to run the bar yourself under his personal licence. 

At the discretion of the trustees and in limited numbers, it may be possible for licensable activities to be authorised to a hirer by a TEMPORARY Event Notice (TEN). If you wish to run a bar on this basis, please contact the Booking Secretary before making your application for the TEN.

Please note that if the hirer provides any licensable activities themself either under a personal licence or a TEN the hirer will be personally responsible for compliance with all the terms of the licence. In these circumstances, the trust may require a deposit of £250 as security against any breach of compliance.

A licence may not be required when the event is private and alcohol is provided free of charge (for example a wedding or family gathering); please check with the DPS.

Please note the information below concerning ‘Alcohol sales and licencing‘ and the policies relating specifically to the Chagford Jubilee Hall.

TEMPORARY Event Notice (TEN) application and guidance

Apply for a temporary events notice

Temporary Event Notice - Guidance Notes

Mandatory Licensing Conditions

Guidance on Mandatory Licensing Conditions

Chagford Jubilee Hall documents:

CJH Hirers Declaration

CJH Child protection and age verification policy

CJH Premises licence