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Facilities for organisers

All the Jubilee Hall facilities are on the same level. This makes it easy for disabled visitors and contractors. For function caterers there is direct access from a vehicle to the main kitchen.

Key features

  • Since refurbishment in 2018 the Jubilee Hall now provides a hearing loop, and new lighting.
  • There is a large, fully equipped kitchen. The main kitchen equipment comprises both a gas and electric oven, plus a warming oven.
  • There is a plentiful supply of glassware, crockery and cutlery.
  • There is a large bar area in the foyer.
  • The Jubilee hall is licensed for entertainment, music and alcohol.
  • Separate Male and Female toilets and a unisex Disabled Toilet
  • The Disabled Toilet is independently accessible, via the side door, outside the library.
  • There are access doors at the front and one side of the Hall. 
  • On the kitchen side, there is a ramp for wheelchair access through the double fire-doors.

Stage Equipment:

    • The main stage (approximately 91cm high) can be extended forward by 2m.
    • A separate low-level stage can be built suitable for contemporary performance needs with a height of approximately 45cm and stage size of up to 7.36m x 2.00m or 3.68 x 4.00m. Steps can be incorporated if required, both to low and high level stages.
    • Triangular sections can be used to create flexible stage configurations such as multiple, linked stages or apron 'wings' that can enhance artiste interaction with the audience. Guidance as to how this can be done is available from our technical support team. Please refer to the attached document which illustrates some of the stage configuration possibilities.
    • Steps can be added to the front of the existing stage, or to the front or side of the extension. The additional steps should only be used with banisters. (The main stage already has fixed steps at the back to both sides of the stage).

There is an additional hire charge for use of the separate stage, extension of the existing stage or addition of steps to the existing stage.

These options are only available by separate arrangement as there are specific instructions and safety considerations.

Hirers must make appropriate provision to protect users from the risk of falling. There is no safety railing on the main stage.

Hirers are also responsible for assembling and dismantling the additional equipment.

Please note...

  • There is no stage lighting, audio or video equipment. Hirers must bring their own.

Guide to visitor capacity

Capacity is determined by Fire Safety considerations. The prescribed limits are:

- 260 : all standing (e.g. for a live band) 
- 180 : seated in rows of fastened chairs (e.g. for a theatrical show on the stage)   
- 120 : when loose chairs and/or tables are in use (e.g. for a cabaret, wedding, dinner, flea market, etc.)

For a film showing, it is not practical to put out 180 chairs as the front rows would be too close to the screen, and 150 is the comfortable limit. 

Tables -The Jubilee Hall has a sufficient supply of folding tables. 

Chairs - There are 114 folding chairs stored in the Hall, and further non-folding chairs in the locked shed.

'Fixed Seating' plan - When more than 120 chairs are required (e.g for a theatrical show, lecture, or film) they must all be laid out in rows, with a central aisle, and with the chairs fastened to each other. Chairs must be fixed in groups of not less than four and not more than eight (this is a mandatory Fire Safety requirement). It follows that the maximum length of a row is 8 chairs each side of the aisle.