Jubilee Hall, Chagford. The centre of community events.

The Jubilee Hall is the natural setting in Chagford for all types of functions and community events up to 260 people. Charity events, auctions or bazaars find the Jubilee Hall ideal. Various sporting groups enjoy regular meetings. The in-built stage makes it a popular setting for shows, concerts and films. Jubilee Hall is also well suited to social gatherings such as weddings, receptions, dinners or dances. Such is the flexibility of the Jubilee Hall that for over 70 years, it is a focal point for Chagford and the surrounding villages. A side wing of the Hall provides Chagford Library.

Built in 1936 by public subscription, visitors and organisers appreciate its easy access. The large, public car park alongside provides effortless parking. The Hire charges are modest as we have to generate our own income without external support. Go to Tariffs for reference. Booking is simple and details can be found there.

We also have a great Gallery of photographs which provide an inspiration for organisers events.

Chagford was one of four medieval Stannary towns which played an important part in the commercial and political life on the edge of Dartmoor for several centuries. Today, the community events of this bustling community make use of the Jubilee Hall.

See our Users page for details of regular weekly clubs and societies, and our What's On Guide to see the diversity of events being staged.

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